Training for 2019 World Championship heats up at Sterkies.

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Three 505s braved the cold weather and attended a high intensity training session at Sterkfonteindam during the last weekend of November. The aim of the session was to establish a format where the boats would race windward leeward courses and reconvene after each leg to see who would open the 'gate' for the start. Racing was tough with the teams evenly matched and 'newish' entrants really showing their skill on the racecourse. Campbell Tiley and Jonathan Ham showed their pace, while Ryan Robinson and Warwick Ham blasted across the dam in similar fashion. Peter and Thomas Funke sailed their beloved 8481 and showed that older boats can also do well. 

The teams raced for 4 hours on Saturday, until the wind became un-sailable and re-covened early on Sunday with a blast to the Dam wall, some 12 km away. Thereafter training continued finished by a Sterkies storm in the afternoon. This dam is the best dam in the country and should be sailed on regularly. 

For 2019 - keep an eye on the new calendar, its coming soon and also on the world championship developments in Fremantle. What a class, what a boat! 

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