SA Teams Excel at 505 World Championship 2019

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5 South African teams raced in the 2019 505 World Championship in Fremantle, Western Australia. The teams travelled out in late December and were relieved to find their container on site. A shipping delay resulted in some stress and concern but luckily it all worked out. Racing got under way on the 30th of December and 31st of December and the Australian Nationals were a hotly contested event. The Fremantle Doctor did not disappoint and the wind averaged 18 knots. The event was great and the teams finished in the following order out of 89 entries:

Peter Funke & Thomas Funke - 15th

James Largier & Richard Hutton-squire - 21st

Alex Ham & Jonathan Ham - 23rd

Ryan Robinson & Warwick Ham - 32nd

Bronwen Klaas & Kobus Holtzhausen - 71st. 

The World Championship started in all earnest on the 2nd of January and racing got underway. The wind for the event proved disappointing and the Doctor lost some of its vigour. Racing was tight and highlights included numerous top 20 finishes by SA teams and a well deserved 2nd by Largier/Hutton-squire. The standard of the SA teams has improved dramatically and it is great to see that the hard work is finally paying off. The standard of sailing at the world champs is extremely high and the SA teams plans to participate regularly to build on its performance. Results in the World Championship were as follows with 3 teams finishing in the top 32 positions.

 James Largier & Richard Hutton-squire - 22nd

Alex Ham & Jonathan Ham - 26th

Peter Funke & Thomas Funke - 32nd

Ryan Robinson & Warwick Ham - 46th

Bronwen Klaas & Kobus Holtzhausen - 69th 

The SA Class Association is extremely proud of the results and would like to encourage all SA Teams to travel to World Championship events as the experience is unbelievable and valuable. 


Training for 2019 World Championship heats up at Sterkies.

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Three 505s braved the cold weather and attended a high intensity training session at Sterkfonteindam during the last weekend of November. The aim of the session was to establish a format where the boats would race windward leeward courses and reconvene after each leg to see who would open the 'gate' for the start. Racing was tough with the teams evenly matched and 'newish' entrants really showing their skill on the racecourse. Campbell Tiley and Jonathan Ham showed their pace, while Ryan Robinson and Warwick Ham blasted across the dam in similar fashion. Peter and Thomas Funke sailed their beloved 8481 and showed that older boats can also do well. 

The teams raced for 4 hours on Saturday, until the wind became un-sailable and re-covened early on Sunday with a blast to the Dam wall, some 12 km away. Thereafter training continued finished by a Sterkies storm in the afternoon. This dam is the best dam in the country and should be sailed on regularly. 

For 2019 - keep an eye on the new calendar, its coming soon and also on the world championship developments in Fremantle. What a class, what a boat! 

505 Nationals - What a Blast

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The 2018 505 National Championship was sailed at Aeolians Club from the 21 -24th of September. The event was a real festival of sailing with 12 boats competing and teams travelling from as far as Cape Town to challenge for the title. The regatta kicked off on Friday afternoon with a very light wind race. The Funke brothers managed to hold on an win it followed by Justin Clarke and Richard Hutton-squire in second and The Ham brothers in third. The second race of the day was abandoned due to the dying breeze. 

Day two dawned with the prospect of more racing, in light and variable conditions. Racing got underway at 10 and the race officer aimed for 4 races. The Ham brothers showed off their skills and dominated the day with a near perfects score (3 firsts and a fifth) while the fight for the other positions was fierce. The heavier teams struggled, with Funkes sailing their two discards (5,7) and the teams of Klaas/v Gruenewaldt, Robinson/Wertheim-Aymes, Clarke/Hutton-squire all in the mix for glory. The Ham brothers took the lead after day two. 

The forecast for day three was good, strong wind and staying strong for the day. Racing got underway promptly at 10 and the heavier teams could stretch their legs and get going. The Saldanha based team of the Eigelaar brothers enjoyed the stronger wind and blasted along, scoring their best result of a 5th. At the front of the pack it was a battle between the Ham brothers and the Funke brothers for first, with Clark/Hutton-squire close on their heels and Klaas/von Gruenewaldt and Klaas/Holtzhausen also challenging from time to time. The Funkes managed to pull out all the stops and had a perfect day with 4 firsts. What a day on the water and all the teams had many exciting stories to tell afterwards. 

The forecast for the final day was bleak and it did not look promising. A very light wind from the south east filled in at 11.30 and the race officer managed to squeeze a single race in to give the competitors their second discard. After the race the wind died and teams could pack up their kit and get home. On the water, the light wind specialists showed the fleet the way, with Klaas/von Gruenewaldt winning the race, followed by the Ham brothers in second and the Funkes in third. The third position was enough for the Funke brothers to win the event with the Hams in second and Klaas/von Gruenewaldt in third. 

Well done to all who attended and competed. Now the preparation for the World Championship starts in all earnest.